Preventive Maintenance Program

Commercial equipment is indeed the backbone of any food and commercial facility. However, continual operations and usage make them vulnerable to unexpected downtime and failure, impacting the kitchen’s budget and productivity. Regular maintenance including de-scaling, calibration, cleaning can enhance the longevity of equipment.

At CK Commercial Kitchen Repair, we offer professional preventative maintenance programs for Edmonton food service providers. Our experienced team of specialists schedule regular visits with commercial unit or restaurant owners to curb potential problems, avoid high repair costs and maximize the efficiency of the equipment.

We inspect all equipment extensively to ensure safe and proper operation, adhering to legal standards. Our team carries out portable appliance testing including both performance and visual-based checks on the required products. Also, substantial checks are done on connections and proper functioning of the heating elements. We are trained to clear out the injectors, re-grease the valves and adjust the thermostats. Our team also provides inspection reports for each service equipment.

We always ensure our client’s permission prior to carrying out any repair work. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule a preventive maintenance program in your commercial unit. For any inquiries, you can either call us on (780) 900-1099 or drop an email and we will reach out to you in no time.